Friday, June 17, 2011

My Time At Back Bay

I have enjoyed my time at Back Bay High School it is a simple not too complicated school and the teachers are more than happy to help us if we need help. The best thing I like about this school is that its not as long and i get more help with my work more than I used to at my other school. Here at Back Bay there are a few kids in a classroom and we get all the help we want and they go around multiples times and we get so much done. I personally hate to work on ridiculous hard assignments because I never really understood it much, i'm more of kinesthetic learner so its easier if you show me individually because i have A.D.D so I day dream a lot and not even notice it. Now I do all my work and I even have time to fool around, Back Bay principle and teachers are the best staff I have met working together because so far what I see in this school is progress. I don't really have anything to say that I dislike about this school, just that its a continuation not regular school but there is no difference to me i'm still getting an education and getting smarter. Back Bay has way more opportunities than other schools it makes me think why didn't I think of coming here in the first place I will miss this school its going change a lot of peoples lives and careers due to being such a great environmental school.

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