Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Modern Warfare 2

When Modern Warfare 2 was released it was chaotic. It was named the best seller of all call of dutys with two map packs,"stimulus and ressurgence" including up to 10 additional maps that astonish the minds of young children. This game was well recognize for quick-scoping and overpowered beast guns like for instance the Tar-21, UMP45, Mini-Uzi, Aug-hbar and many more to name. With exhilarating lobbies of team death match, free-for-all, domination, search and destroy, capture the flag, third person and ground which is a randomation of all lobbys with bigger sets of teams. This is the best call of duty game that i have ever played, with a great story mode which was known for being a little too short they could've extended that just a little bit but for the top selling game on the shelves i wasnt bad at all. let alone for psn(playstation network) the most played game online for XBOX360 and PS3! Allows 6 gamers on each team to kill each other like team death match for instance resulting in 100 points points per kill with intense killstreaks from 3 to 25. My favorite kill streaks are, 5 kills the predator missile, a missile sent from above to explode opponents, 11 kills for chopper gunner, a gunship from above with a machine gun shooting opponents from above, and 25 kills which give you a nuke, completely wiping out everybody of the game and automatically winning. The game is so excited it has you addicted till your eyes burn, many have taken upon this game with many cheat and glitches it becomes to be unfair at some times but video games are to have fun your playing other humans on the other side of the planet who have this game its worldwide. If I would rate this game i'd simply give it a 10 hands down because there is no competition, there is also a feature where you can put four letters by your gamer tag which is named your clan tag, this is my favorite part of organization because when i get on with my friends can all play together and dominate till we log off. If you dont already have this game it would likely be for you to buy modern warfare 3 its the next chapter of the game and always comes with a bigger punch!

sincerely your,

Friday, June 17, 2011

My Time At Back Bay

I have enjoyed my time at Back Bay High School it is a simple not too complicated school and the teachers are more than happy to help us if we need help. The best thing I like about this school is that its not as long and i get more help with my work more than I used to at my other school. Here at Back Bay there are a few kids in a classroom and we get all the help we want and they go around multiples times and we get so much done. I personally hate to work on ridiculous hard assignments because I never really understood it much, i'm more of kinesthetic learner so its easier if you show me individually because i have A.D.D so I day dream a lot and not even notice it. Now I do all my work and I even have time to fool around, Back Bay principle and teachers are the best staff I have met working together because so far what I see in this school is progress. I don't really have anything to say that I dislike about this school, just that its a continuation not regular school but there is no difference to me i'm still getting an education and getting smarter. Back Bay has way more opportunities than other schools it makes me think why didn't I think of coming here in the first place I will miss this school its going change a lot of peoples lives and careers due to being such a great environmental school.

Friday, June 10, 2011

My Summer 2011

My summer 2011 is going to be amazing. First i'm going to hang out with family to make hem remember how much I love them also i'm really looking foward to going to mexico to see my grandmother from my mother side, she doesn't seem like she has much time and it wont hurt to see her one last time. Second I cant forget about going to the beach with friends and do all kinds of fun things to make our summer exhilarating. Third also to play basketball till I run out of oxygen, basketball has been around my life since forever and everybody is getting greater, time for a great competition. School days have run by so fast I don't even see time pass me by.
Family always comes first so I already know the first days must be with them. My family is moved around all over the place, we cant all afford to live next to each other but when it comes around this time we all have the chance to spend time with each other and don't have to worry about school. I love my family and I will always hang out with them because I know I will have a good time. Especially my male cousins because we are all set apart by one year but we all can relate to what we do on a daily. I also cant forget my brother he is the first person I want to hang with since I haven't seen him for a while.
The beach is another place that i would like to visit a lot, because its going to be humid and I wont be able to withstand the heat. I am a little dark skinned but who doesn't like to go to the beach , there is so much to do besides jus going to the water and is the main gathering place to be during the summer.
There will be beautiful girls, my friends and other people that are waiting to be met, The beach is a place where everyone is trying to get along because it a place for smiles and to have a great time.
And last but not least stay true my great grandmother and play ball till i die. I love the game of basketball it inspired me in many ways and i will be attending tournaments over the summer with my travel ball team this picture is a picture of my best friend Hugo Contreras i met him in kindergarten and I still play with him till this day. Also during the summer I will be hanging with friends for more than most of the time so why not play basketball we all love it anyway.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Lost Dogs!

$1,000 CashReward 

                                         *Mother- Mary
*Daughter- Jane
If found please contact with no hesitation daughter is very sick and in horrible condition. Also the mother is overprotective and aggressive.
Contact Info:
             Anthony (714)616-0420

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Hot Tub Time Machine/Movie Review

Hot Tub Time Machine is Comedy that was released  in 2010 with John Cusack(Adam) ,Chris Robinson(Nick Weber), Bob Cordory(Lou) and Clark Duke(Jacob). This movie was based on a three friends from high school and Adams nephew Jacob That go on a trip to a place where they had the best moments of their lives and doesn't turn out how they expected. think this movie was incredibly hilarious ! despite the fact of the overuse of using foul language nothing is funny unless someone is doing stupid stuff and insulting each other, its supposed to be a movie to entertain and make jokes that make you laugh forever and reminisce. 
One scene of this movie the rising action of when it all happens. After having a horrible time the hut tub unsuspectedly repairs itself and they take the night to another level. A funny bear mascot ends up in the hot tub and they're having a great time when Lou drops trinobli (russian red bull) on the control panel and wake up to a fresh start of their high school years and struggle throughout the movie to get back. I think that was a funny way to put it because of how people act drunk or under the influence. what would you do if you were sent back in time and change your future, that couldn't be interesting trip. 
Hot tub taking over the butterfly effect is funny due to the fact that Lou is a drunk but hilarious character and hates everyone, Nick a former entertainer, Adam a negative individual who had jus been divorced and Jacob an 18 yr. old that happens to tag along and experience the wild old days. this movie made my year due to all the fun and stupid decision that they make. If you don't like this movie you must be stuck up because if u realize that these days they add naked women, people under the influence, drugs and other intense experiences in movies so why complain, just sit back relax and enjoy this comedy movie.