Thursday, June 2, 2011

Hot Tub Time Machine/Movie Review

Hot Tub Time Machine is Comedy that was released  in 2010 with John Cusack(Adam) ,Chris Robinson(Nick Weber), Bob Cordory(Lou) and Clark Duke(Jacob). This movie was based on a three friends from high school and Adams nephew Jacob That go on a trip to a place where they had the best moments of their lives and doesn't turn out how they expected. think this movie was incredibly hilarious ! despite the fact of the overuse of using foul language nothing is funny unless someone is doing stupid stuff and insulting each other, its supposed to be a movie to entertain and make jokes that make you laugh forever and reminisce. 
One scene of this movie the rising action of when it all happens. After having a horrible time the hut tub unsuspectedly repairs itself and they take the night to another level. A funny bear mascot ends up in the hot tub and they're having a great time when Lou drops trinobli (russian red bull) on the control panel and wake up to a fresh start of their high school years and struggle throughout the movie to get back. I think that was a funny way to put it because of how people act drunk or under the influence. what would you do if you were sent back in time and change your future, that couldn't be interesting trip. 
Hot tub taking over the butterfly effect is funny due to the fact that Lou is a drunk but hilarious character and hates everyone, Nick a former entertainer, Adam a negative individual who had jus been divorced and Jacob an 18 yr. old that happens to tag along and experience the wild old days. this movie made my year due to all the fun and stupid decision that they make. If you don't like this movie you must be stuck up because if u realize that these days they add naked women, people under the influence, drugs and other intense experiences in movies so why complain, just sit back relax and enjoy this comedy movie.

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