Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Modern Warfare 2

When Modern Warfare 2 was released it was chaotic. It was named the best seller of all call of dutys with two map packs,"stimulus and ressurgence" including up to 10 additional maps that astonish the minds of young children. This game was well recognize for quick-scoping and overpowered beast guns like for instance the Tar-21, UMP45, Mini-Uzi, Aug-hbar and many more to name. With exhilarating lobbies of team death match, free-for-all, domination, search and destroy, capture the flag, third person and ground which is a randomation of all lobbys with bigger sets of teams. This is the best call of duty game that i have ever played, with a great story mode which was known for being a little too short they could've extended that just a little bit but for the top selling game on the shelves i wasnt bad at all. let alone for psn(playstation network) the most played game online for XBOX360 and PS3! Allows 6 gamers on each team to kill each other like team death match for instance resulting in 100 points points per kill with intense killstreaks from 3 to 25. My favorite kill streaks are, 5 kills the predator missile, a missile sent from above to explode opponents, 11 kills for chopper gunner, a gunship from above with a machine gun shooting opponents from above, and 25 kills which give you a nuke, completely wiping out everybody of the game and automatically winning. The game is so excited it has you addicted till your eyes burn, many have taken upon this game with many cheat and glitches it becomes to be unfair at some times but video games are to have fun your playing other humans on the other side of the planet who have this game its worldwide. If I would rate this game i'd simply give it a 10 hands down because there is no competition, there is also a feature where you can put four letters by your gamer tag which is named your clan tag, this is my favorite part of organization because when i get on with my friends can all play together and dominate till we log off. If you dont already have this game it would likely be for you to buy modern warfare 3 its the next chapter of the game and always comes with a bigger punch!

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