Friday, April 8, 2011

My 5 Year Plan

My Plan for the five years of life is to be working part time and still going to school. But first, I want to graduate and make my family proud. Doing that, I want to maintain a 3.5 at the least and go to a community college to start off what I really want to do. pursuing art or electronic technician are my first choices before i make any changes in life.

Not used to being given anything in my hand, I want to make more money than what my parents make to prove anything is possible you just have to pursue your dreams. After i complete my requirements to attend a college that fits me best. I want to work as a chef to start off my career and insert my drawings in competitions to have a plan b and be prepared unless ones process is longer than the other.

There is no time to spare I can sleep when I'm dead now is my time to live and show what i am capable of. At this point I would be in about 3 years, and for the next two years i want to focus on my drawings and other artwork to make decent amount of money while i go to school for cullinary arts so i can work to be in a five star restaurant.

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