Wednesday, April 6, 2011

letter of Recommendation

April 1, 2011

Mr. Walske
Computer Teacher
Back Bay High School
390 Monte Vista Ave
Costa Mesa, CA 92627

Dear Mr. Walske,

Anthony Astorino is 17 and is currently attending Back Bay High School.
He is an impressive young gentleman, with great expectations guiding him
to success. His father Is an OCTA driver and his mother maintains her own daycare which he helps out often. A Great individual with a bright future who loves to play sports such as basketball, football, handball, running and always Comfortable with trying something new. Anthony Would be a great addition to an athletic program and student body, He has lived in the city of Costa Mesa all his life and speaks English and Spanish fluently.

Anthony is an excellent artist in forms of cooking and drawing. On his own time for the weekend, he has a job at the OC Marketplace Swapmeet. Working 22 hours in 2 days instead of acting like a child he is giving up his weekend to show some responsibility. He has maintained this job for three months now and counting. He has an inspiration to hands on activities that keeps him active and entertained because it gets the best of him, he works to the best of his ability.

Anthony has overcome his suffrage of severe asthma since he was born. On heavy medication as a child and hooked up to machine half his life he has accomplished a long path that had set him in an uncomfortable position. But still strong on his feet he learned to play basketball at a very high level, great in sales for employment and learned to sew and cook. ready for anything Anthony will attempt to accomplish anything thrown at him.


Anthony Astorino

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